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New Repair Services Added
iSupply also now offers repair services for:
  • PCs
  • MACs
  • Samsung phones and tablets
  • Xbox, Playstation, and Wii gaming systems

iPhone, iPad & iPod Repair
 Our goal is to provide you with the fastest professional repair service possible, and we will do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations. You can even schedule an appointment in Green Bay or Appleton with a repair technician to get priority repair service, which we especially recommend if you are coming in from out of town.

iPod Repair

iPod Repair

iPad Repair

iPad Repair

iPhone Repair

iPhone Repair

Video Gaming Repair

Video Gaming Repair

Drop off game consoles or handhelds in need of repair, iSupply is affiliated Video Gaming Repair.
Video Gaming Repair

Computer Repair

Drop off PCs and Macs in need of repair. iSupply is affiliated with Cyber Works.

Boost Mobile Services

Get Boost phones, devices, plans, repairs and support at iSupply's Main St. location in Green Bay.

Account Creation

Your Facebook Fan Page paints the picture you want in the minds of your fans, whether they are current customers or potential prospects.

Your fan page, your product, your content?your spotlight. With Facebook Account Creation you share your business with the world through articles, photos, videos, applications and theme tabs built around your brand.

Facebook gives you the opportunity to make your page about your business.
We will help you build your foundation by creating a new Facebook Fan Page or enhancing your current page.


  • Create Account                                                  $90
  • Account w/ Profile Picture                                 $170
  • Profile Picture & Landing Page                         $340
  • Account w/ Profile Picture & Landing Page      $420
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Account Management

Time Is On Your Side, When We Take Care of Everything

When your business needs your time, we will manage your Facebook presence from conception to engagement.

Your fan page will be built to focus on your business. We will create all content to fit your brand, share with the Facebook community and engage in relationship building. We don?t just stop there; we make sure this is done continually because business does not stop. Whether your business is new to Facebook or has a presence, we will completely build it or enhance it as you sit back and enjoy.

Facebook Account Management includes but is not limited to:
Let us help. With Facebook Account Management you get more time for what matters to you?your business.


  • Account Management                                        $650
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Custom Profile Picture

"A picture is worth a thousand words."

The Facebook profile pic for your business is seen by everyone that searches your name and by those who visit your Facebook fan page.

When you display your profile pic the last thing you want is to have someone bypass your Facebook fan page due to a lousy photo. Our world has become more and more visual everyday, and if something is not visually appealing it could hurt the impact of your Facebook fan page.

With a Custom Facebook Profile Picture we work with you to build the best pic to fit the dimensions allocated by Facebook. We get the most out of your profile pic by using every pixel.


  • Create or Update Custom Profile Picture       $90
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Custom Landing Page

The old saying goes ?You never get a second chance to make a first impression.?

The Custom Facebook Landing Page (Welcome Page) is built to give a customer or potential prospect a first glance at your business. When someone visits your Facebook fan page for the first time you need your branding, your message, to be on point. This step begins the word-of-mouth exposure for your business.

We can build a Facebook landing page that:
With a Custom Facebook Landing Page we make sure that the first handshake with your fan is firm?we don?t want to miss an opportunity to build a new relationship and your brand awareness.


  • Create or Update Custom Landing Page       $270
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Links on Website

Connect users from your website with your latest company updates and promotions by syncing your website with your Facebook page.

By adding Facebook links on your website, this will not only inform your users that your business has a Facebook page, it will also take the searching and guesswork out of finding your business on Facebook.


  • Links added to website                                        $180
  • Links added to website with "Like" button            $240
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Update Integration

Display your company Facebook updates in real-time on your website automatically.

When updates are posted on your Facebook, they will be instantly displayed on your website. Post your latest news on your home page without the hassle of updating your website.


  • Live Facebook feed added to website               $260
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Gallery Integration

Update your photos on your Facebook and instantly see your new additions on your website.

Post your photos or portfolio on Facebook and reach out to all of your Facebook contacts. By integrating your Facebook photo gallery, you're also sharing your photos or portfolio with everyone who visits your website. Update all of your photos in one centralized location.


  • Facebook Gallery Integrated on website          $340
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